Joining Forces For a Good Cause

At the start of 2010, Today’s Windows and Doors completed a project with Andersen that helped change the lives of abused mothers and children in Orange County.

Andersen® donated nine 100 Series windows to retrofit one of the shelter houses for the Eli Home, a charity dedicated to breaking the cycle of abuse of women and children based in Santa Ana, California. Today’s Windows and Doors provided the labor to remove and replace the old windows in the house, built in 1940.

“Because of the house’s age, many of the windows weren’t functional,” commented Lorri Galloway, Executive Director and co-founder of the Eli Home. “Not only could we not open or close any of them, but they also did not do a good job of keeping out the elements: the cold air came in during the winter, and the hot air was trapped inside during the summer.”

Mark Nelson, who helped with the installation as a representative of Anderson®, explained: “The 100 Series is a relatively new product. It is made from a composite-based material, and works very well in replacements and retrofits.” The Andersen® 100 Series products are also twice as stable and rigid as windows made from vinyl, and were made to withstand the strength of the Southern California sun. Also, the 100 Series products feature frames and sashes made from Fibrex®, which contains 40% pre-consumer reclaimed wood fiber, and the glass contains 12% reclaimed glass.

As the installations were in progress, Lorri Galloway thanked Larry and Donna Cahoon of Today’s Windows and Doors and Mark Nelson of Andersen® for their help in restoring one of their three shelters.

“We are so grateful—this means so very much to us. What it truly does is offer a window into the heart of the Eli Home, and how abused mothers and children have their lives saved and changed here at the Eli Home.”

For more information on the Eli Home, their mission and how to donate, please call (714) 300-0600 or visit their website. Click here to watch a video of Today’s Windows and Doors installing the windows at the Eli Home’s shelter.